What is Spermidine? 

Spermidine is an organic compound found naturally in your cells and in certain whole foods and it is also available in supplement form. Spermidine’s role in the body is to induce autophagy – a process believed to have anti-ageing benefits. Autophagy is the body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells, in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells.
As we age, both our spermidine levels and rate of autophagy decline, leaving our cells more exposed to the damage associated with ageing. It is important to maintain your spermidine levels by eating foods high in spermidine, such as most meats, some vegetables, and cheese, or by taking spermidine supplements. Taking spermidine in supplement form is the most effective way of maintaining your spermidine levels. 

What are the benefits of Spermidine supplements?  

Spermidine supplements have a wide variety of benefits, including reducing age-related complications, improved cardiovascular health, increased longevity and anti-ageing effects, improved reproductive fertility and sexual function, improved cognitive function and positive effects on dementia. 

Age-related complications 

The increased intake of spermidine may reduce the risk of numerous age-related diseases like cancer, metabolic disease, heart disease and neurodegeneration. Spermidine does this by promoting autophagy, rebuilding cells and balancing metabolic functions. 
Spermidine helps to reduce inflammatory markers throughout the body. Reduction in inflammation contributes to healthier immune systems, reduces neurodegeneration and increases heart function. 

Improved cardiovascular health 

Spermidine reduces inflammation and other stressors that trigger heart problems. Spermidine also supports cellular respiration, leading to more mitochondria in heart cells, providing the heart with more energy. Higher intake of spermidine is associated with lower blood pressure and reduced risk of heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases. Spermidine also acts through autophagy to prevent age-associated cardiovascular diseases. 

Anti-ageing effects and longevity  

Spermidine boosts the body’s ability to regulate metabolism and the ageing process. Spermidine may delay ageing by preventing various illnesses and diseases, helping to increase longevity. 
Spermidine may also be effective in reducing the physical aspects of ageing, for example, reducing wrinkles. 

Improved reproductive fertility and sexual function 

Spermidine has been associated with improved reproductive fertility in both men and women. 
Oxidative stress is when your antioxidant levels are too low and it can cause damage to egg cells, contributing to menopause. A study showed that cells treated with spermidine had boosted autophagy, which reduces oxidative stress. Spermidine reduced damage to egg cells and increased fertility. 
Spermidine can increase both fertility and sexual function in men. A recent study showed that taking spermidine can reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which can majorly impair fertility. It also reduces levels of a type of oestrogen called oestradiol, which is linked to reduced sexual function in men. Additionally, levels of testosterone and the sex steroid hormone DHEAS were seen to increase, indicating improved sexual function.

Improved cognitive function 

Spermidine has anti-inflammatory properties and improves cardiovascular health. This protects brain function by reducing the overall toxins in your body. Recent studies have found that spermidine supplementation led to increased hippocampal volume, an area associated with learning and memory. Spermidine also protects your neurons from damage caused by inflammation, ischemia (reduced blood flow) and oxidative stress (low levels of antioxidants).

Effect of Spermidine supplements on dementia patients 

Spermidine improves the autophagy process, which helps to dissolve amyloid-beta plaques and other toxins, it is the build-up of these plaques that is thought to cause Alzheimer’s disease. Spermidine may therefore be a preventive approach to delay age-related cognitive decline and possibly even Alzheimer’s disease. In a memory test case study, elderly individuals who took spermidine supplements had improved memory function compared to elderly individuals who did not take it. 

Are spermidine supplements right for me?  

As it is extracted from wheat germ, spermidine supplements contain gluten. It is therefore not recommended to take spermidine supplements if you are allergic to wheat or gluten or have a gluten sensitivity. 
Additionally, spermidine supplements are not recommended for children or during pregnancy and lactation. 
You should always talk with your doctor before taking a new dietary supplement. For more information please contact us.