What is it? 
AHCC, active hexose correlated compound, is a supplement that is produced from shiitake mushrooms and has anti-inflammatory and immune system enhancing properties. Extracts and teas of these mushrooms have been used in traditional medicine for centuries. AHCC is derived from the cells of the mycelia of shiitake mushrooms, then cultured for almost two months, before separation, sterilisation and freeze-drying. This unique fermentation process substantially decreases the size of the polysaccharides in the mushrooms. This means that the polysaccharides are small enough to pass through the small openings in the stomach and intestine. This allows the polysaccharides to be absorbed into the body better.

Benefits of AHCC
AHCC promotes overall wellness due to its ability to boost the immune system. A strong immune system enables your body to fight off harmful infections and illnesses, so is vital to keeping healthy and well. AHCC can increase the production of cytokines and the activity of NK cells, dendritic cells and T cells, all of which play important roles in the immune system.

One of the most promising benefits of AHCC supplements is the potential to treat HPV, a virus which can cause cervical cancer – one of the most common cancers affecting women worldwide today. Although we have vaccines to prevent HPV, there is no effective current treatment for HPV. This means that women who test positive for HPV are left knowing they are at a high risk for cervical cancer but are unable to treat the cause. Therefore, the potential of AHCC to clear the body of HPV would help many women.

Availability and dosing of AHCC
Doses of AHCC are variable, so you should consult your doctor about taking AHCC supplements. AHCC is now available at Levitas Clinics.